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News & Media

Media:Article in Fortune Magazine by Mr. Subodh Runwal
Date: October 2017
Desc: It is all about determination and discipline - fitness starts in the mind.
Media: Affordable housing scheme powers property sales in Q2
Date: November 30, 2017
Desc: "Homebuyers' concern over delays in delivery has been waning with RERA being in place," said Subodh Runwal, director at Mumbai-based real estate developer Runwal Group. "The confidence is showing in their action as enquiries and sales have started to improve since last three-four months," he said.
Media: Kanjurmarg - Mumbai's 'Can-Do' Property Hotspot
Date: November 10, 2017
Desc: When a location in Mumbai holds the three aces of accessibility, affordability and appreciation potential and completes its hand with good social infrastructure and workplace hub integration, it can justifiably lay claim the coveted property investment hotspot tag
Media:Runwal Festive Offers
Date:31th August 2017
Desc: Pay just 2% to book luxurious Home at Runwal Bliss & Forests. No GST Impact, No Floor Rise Charge & No High Down payment.

Media: Grow your Family Tree
Date: 29th July 2017
Desc: We organised a Tree Plantation Event for our Esteemed Customers of Runwal Forests wherein the tree planted by them was named after their family name. #HappyatRunwalForests

Media: The grand launch of R-Club at Runwal Greens
Date: February 17, 2017
Desc: Runwal Group surprises the residents of Runwal Greens on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with the launch of the grand clubhouse. This incredible structure is equipped with 2 swimming pools, state-of- the-art gym, golf simulator, mini theatre, pool, steam, massage, cafe and much more. This clubhouse is considered to be one of the largest and finest residential club facilities in the city
Media: Magic Bricks
Date: February 17, 2017
Desc: On Valentine's day, Runwal Group, a well established name, in the real-estate arena, inaugurated R-Club, the swanky new club house at its luxury residential property - Runwal Greens, Mulund.
Media: This Week Mumbai
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc: For Mulund, Valentines Day was marked by a grand event – an unveiling of the suburbs largest clubhouse – at Runwal Greens.
The event was attended by over 800 guests – for the launch of a sprawling structure with 7 acres of open spaces with exciting outdoor amenities like 3 swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, tennis court and more!
Media: City Air
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc: For 800 enthralled guests, Valentines Day was an unforgettable event – thanks to the unveiling of Mulund’s largest clubhouse with 7 acres of open spaces.
Being one of the most sought-after addresses in the city, the event was attended by residents of Runwal Greens as well as attendees who were eager to take a closer look at the sprawling project with 22 acres of incredible residences & amenities.
Media: Spicy Stars Mumbai
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc:  The unveiling of Mulund’s biggest clubhouse happened on Valentines Day and was attended by over 800 guests who were excited to take a closer look at the sprawling project with 7 acres of open greens and a wide array of outdoor amenities.
The launch of R Club – the biggest clubhouse in Mulund at Runwal Greens was part of the initiative by Runwal Group connected on social media by the hashtag #FunatRunwalGreens.
Media: International News & Views Corporation Group
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc: This Valentine’s Day Mulund was in for a surprise. Runwal Group made the day special with the inauguration of the largest clubhouse in the area, R Club, at the swanky residential property Runwal Greens in Mulund. The event was attended by over 800 guests comprising of happy residents and their families, and was a roaring success. With over 22 acres of residences & 7 acres of open green surrounding the clubhouse, attendees had a lot to explore at the event.
Media: Pocket Press Release
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc: Runwal Greens gave Mumbai a spectacular Valentine’s Day gift – the largest clubhouse in Mulund. Located at Runwal Greens – a sprawling 22 acre development – the clubhouse dubbed as R Club is surrounded by 7 acres of open greens with exciting outdoor amenities like 3 swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, tennis court and more! Being one of the most sought-after address in the city, the event was attended by over 800 people, who were happy to make the unveiling of such a grand clubhouse a smashing success.
Date: February 15, 2017
Desc: The grand launch of R Club – the biggest clubhouse in Mulund at Runwal Greens was part of the Initiative by Runwal Group connected by #FunatRunwalGreens. The event had a tremendous response with a turnout of over 800 guests at the event.
Media: Valentine’s Day Launch of Runwal Greens clubhouse
Date: 14th February 2017
Desc: Runwal Group gifted a swanky new clubhouse to the residents of Runwal Greens on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. R Club was inaugurated in a grand event on 14th Feb in the company of a large number of happy customers. Delivery of the clubhouse added another milestone in Runwal Group’s commitment to fulfilling promises made to customers.This state of art facility is equipped with 2 swimming pools, fully equipped gym, golf simulator, mini theatre, pool, steam, massage, cafe and much more. This clubhouse is one of the largest and finest club facilities in residential complexes of the city.
Media: Cityair News
Date: 22nd December 2016
Desc: Runwal Group organised a ‘Christmas Carnival’ for the residents of Runwal Greens on December 18. The joyful evening was packed with various activities like games, bangle making,tattoo art, mini golf, a live band, dance performances and much more along with delicious food.
Media: Pocket News Alert
Date: 22nd December 2016
Desc: The residents of Runwal Greens enjoyed an evening filled with various activities like games, bangle making, tattoo art, mini golf, a live band, dance performances and much more along withdelicious food, at the ‘Christmas Carnival’. The event was hosted by Runwal Group in order to create a fun, social environment for residents.

Media:Runwal Christmas Carnival 2016!
Date:18th December 2016
Desc:It was a day of merriment and joy at ‘Christmas Carnival 2016’ at Runwal Greens. Fun activities such as singing, dancing, games, pottery, painting, delectable food and a community spirit made sure everyone was “HappyAtGreens”
Media: Runwal Christmas Carnival 2016!
Date:18th December 2016
Desc: The citizens of Runwal Greens – Oakwood and Maple Tower, dived into an evening of merriment and joy at the ‘Runwal Christmas Carnival 2016.’ With live music, dance, food, singing and joyful activities for all age groups, the carnival made for a truly memorable day.
Media: Kidzania Event
Date:13th November 2016
Desc: Large number of Runwal Forests customers gathered with their children at Kidzania, the unique kids’ activity theme park at R-City mall
Media: Know Your Neighbours event at Runwal Bliss
Date: 12th November 2016
Desc:This ‘Know Your Neighbours’ event was designed to get the flat owners of Runwal Bliss together in a casual ambience
Media:99 Acre
Date:26th October 2016
Desc: Finding a home in Mumbai that will fit your budget and still keep you at the centre of all conveniences is very difficult. Read to know what makes Kanjurmarg the right location to buy a home.

Media:Live the luxurious life at Runwal Bliss: Zee 24 Taas
Date:12th November 2016
Desc:Zee 24 Taas takes you into the world of Runwal Bliss, a residential project which exemplifies luxury. Watch the detailed account of the strategic advantages of living in Kanjurmarg, where the project is located. 

Media: Runwal Bliss - Expert Advice on Investing in the Kanjurmarg Project
Date:October 2016
Desc:Arvind Nandan gives his advice on the future prospect of Runwal Bliss, on Magic Bricks NOW.

Media: Runwal Forests - Luxury homes on LBS Road
Date: September 2016
Desc: Suyesha Savant of Magic Bricks NOW talks about the luxurious residences at Runwal Forests and their features.
Media: Financial Chronicles
Date: 8th September 2016
Desc: Runwal Group comes to Kanjurmarg
Media: Timesgroup
Date: 3rd September 2016
Desc: Runwal Bliss, Kanjurmarg – Enjoy the benefits of Powai at half the price.
Media: Gujarati Mid day
Date: 27th August 2016
Desc: Fulfilling Promises: Jain Mandir Shilanyaas Done At Runwal Greens
Media: DNA
Date: 27th August 2016
Desc: Runwal Bliss - Experience tranquility, luxury and convinence with flexi-payment offers
Media: DNA - Property
Date: 13th August 2016
Desc: Runwal Bliss - Excellent connectivity, great infrastructure and reasonable rates make kanjurmarg one of Mumbai's most sought-after residential destinations
Media: Maharashtra Times:
Date: 6th August 2016
Desc: Runwal Bliss, Kajurmarg - A new uber cool address
Media: Hindustan Times -HT Estates
Date: 6th July 2016
Desc:Runwal Group launches Runwal Bliss- A promising 10 acre residential project in Kanjurmarg
Media: Business India
Date: 4th July 2016
Desc: The Runwal Group positions itself strongly with a well-diversified offering!
Media: EPC World Magazine
Date: June 2016
Desc: Subodh Runwal, “Real estate is a cynical market that goes through its ups and downs”
Media: Construction World
Date: 7th June 2016
Desc: Exotic apartments, impressive landscapes
and spectacular amenities at Runwal Greens!
Media: Financial Chronicles
Date: 12th May 2016
Desc: The newest addition to Mulund, Runwal Greens!
Media: Buildotech
Date: June 2016
Desc: Runwal Greens - The award winning project
Media: Runwal Internal Event
Desc: Bhoomi Pooja at Runwal Bliss.
To new beginnings!
Media: Runwal Internal Event
Desc: The unveiling of Runwal Bliss. Another milestone achieved.
Media: Runwal Internal Event
Date: 15th Jan 2016
Desc: Private Kite-Flying event on occasion of Makar Sankranti at Runwal Bliss.
Media: Runwal Internal Event
Desc: Hot Air Balloon Ride - First time in Mumbai only at Runwal Bliss.
Date: 13th April 2016
Desc:Vaishali Nalawade tells about possession of her home at Runwal Greens

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